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The Problem

Women are deemed better off today but still far from being equal to men.

Women earn on average 16% less than men – at the current rate of progress, it will take 257 years to achieve equal pay. Women in the UK on average live longer than men and spend a significantly greater proportion of their lives in ill health and disability when compared with men.

Women make up 51% of the population, but our health and care system has been designed by men, for men.

Women's Health Journey

Typically, girls receive their first mobile phone at 10, this is before puberty, and before sexual education starts in mainstream education, consequently their exposure to material beyond their life stage is at their fingertips, what credible sources do young girls have for self education and female health?

On average, girls are exposed to pornography at 13 years of age, 3 years before they have finished puberty and are legally allowed to have sex.

Operating under a ‘duty of care’ to women of all ages, Kari Health is able to offer a trusted voice of authority in the market, citing trusted sources and the latest research to benefit all women. 

Kari Health is the ‘cool, wise aunt’ we all wish we had, that talks about women’s health in an honest, trusted and approachable way.

Timeline Sources:  DataReportal, Tech Crunch, NHS,,, Statista

Other Sources: UCL news, Department of Health & Social Care,  Standard UK, UPI, PubMed 

Age 10

First Mobile Phone

Age 11

Female puberty starts

Age 11

Periods start

Age 11

Sex Ed/RSHE delivered in school

Age 13

Exposed to pornography

Age 16

Legal age of having sex

Age 16

Puberty ends

Age 29

Pregnant with child 1

Age 31

Pregnant with child 2

Age 45


Age 51


Age 60+

Post Menopause

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