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Kari Experts

Our Women's Health experts have over 30 years of experience across gynaecology, fertility, sexual health and more.

Louise H

Louise Hinton

Lead Nurse

Louise has always been passionate about women’s health. Training as a nurse and midwife in 1993 and starting her career working with pregnant women affected by HIV. Louise then moved into oncology and became a clinical nurse specialising in breast care and then latterly a community MacMillan breast care nurse. After leaving clinical practice Louise worked as a director of cancer care and was responsible for the delivery of strategic reforms for women’s health and oncology. Louise has been a driving force behind the creation of Kari Health.

Chloe P

Chloe Pollock

Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist (BACP Member)

Chloe began her training as an Integrative Children and Young Persons Counsellor and Psychotherapist in 2018, qualifying with a Master of Science (MSc) and PGDip and gaining clinical training and placement experience with Place2Be. Alongside her private practice, Chloe has worked as a Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead and School Counsellor. Through her work, Chloe recognises the importance and criticality of the developmental window of adolescence for girls and young women and the vulnerabilities that accompany growing up female in our society. She feels it is crucial to redirect the shame-based conversations and address the feelings of fear and uncertainty surrounding them, instead supporting and instilling a sense of agency allowing girls to grow up to be their own energy readers – empowering the next and future generations of girls and young women.


Jasmine Sneyd


Jasmine qualified as a nurse in 1973 in Burton on Trent, and then went on to train as a midwife in 1981. From here Jasmine went to Abu Dhabi where she spent 38 years as a midwife, charge, and senior charge nurse in a major obstetric hospital. Jasmine has worked in all areas of women’s health over the course of her career, and has played a key role in raising awareness, and providing education of women’s health. Jasmine’s true passion lies with women’s and new-born health and is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable expert on our panel.

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